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Basso B., Kistler T., Phocas F. Genetic parameters, trends and inbreeding in a honeybee breeding program for royal jelly production and behavioral traits. Apidologie.  Guppie

Bédère N, Dupont J, Baumard Y, Staub C, Gourichon D, Frédéric E, Le Roy P, Zerjal T. Genetic background of body reserves in laying hens through backfat thickness phenotyping. Peer Community Journal.  Gibbs

Bernard L, Hurtaud C, Larroque H, Allain C, Parisot S, Cebo C. Feed restriction affects milk performances and decreases milk lipolysis in dairy ewes. Animal. G2B

Collin A, Coustham V, Tona JK, Tesseraud S, Mignon-Grasteau S, Méda B, Vitorino Carvalho A, Guyot Y, Lagarrigue S, Pitel F, Zerjal T. Face au changement climatique, quelles stratégies d’atténuation et d’adaptation pour les productions avicoles ? INRAE Productions Animales. Gibbs

Corbeau J, Grohs C, Jourdain J, Boussaha M, Besnard F, Barbat A, Plassard V, Rivière J, Hamelin C, Mortier J, Boichard D, Guatteo R, Capitan A. A recurrent de novo missense mutation of COL1A1 causes Osteogenesis Imperfecta type II and preterm delivery in Normande Cattle. Genet Sel Evol G2B

Débare H, Blanc F, Piton G, Leplat JJ, Vincent‑Naulleau S, Rivière J, Vilotte M, Marthey S, Lecardonnel J, Coville JL, Estellé J, Rau A,  Bourneuf E, Egidy G. Malignant features of minipig melanomas prior to spontaneous regression. Scientif Rep. GeMS, Pltf, GiBBS

Jacques A, Duclos D, Danchin-Burge C,Mercat MJ, Tixier-Boichard M, Restoux G. Assessing the potential of germplasm collections for the management of genetic diversity: the case of the French National Cryobank. Peer Community Journal. GiBBS

Jansseune S, Lammers A, van Baal J, Blanc F, Pinard van der Laan MH, Calenge F, Hendriks WH. Diet composition influences probiotic and postbiotic effects on broiler growth and physiology. Poultry Science. GeMS

Nagata E, Rochat T, Lee B-H, Lallias D, Rigaudeau D, Duchaud E. Host specificity and virulence of Flavobacterium psychrophilum: a comparative study in ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) hosts. Veterinary Research. Guppie

Pouil S, Besson M, Phocas F, Aubin J. Assessing the environmental impacts of conventional and organic scenarios of rainbow trout farming in France. Journal of Cleaner Production. Guppie 


Basso B, Kistler T, Phocas F. 2024. Genetic parameters, trends, and inbreeding in a honeybee breeding program for royal jelly production and behavioral traits. Apidologie. 

Ben Braiek M, Moreno-Romieux C, Andre C, Astruc JM, Bardou P, Bordes A, Debat F, Fidelle F, Granado-Tajada I, Hoze C, Plisson-Petit F, Rivemale F, Sarry J, Tadi N, Woloszyn F, Fabre S. 2024. Searching for homozygous haplotype deficiency in Manech Tête Rousse dairy sheep revealed a nonsense variant in the MMUT gene affecting newborn lamb viability. Genet Sel Evol. 

Bernard M, Lecoeur A, Coville J-L, Bruneau N, Jardet D, Lagarrigue S, Meynadier A, Calenge F, Pascal G, Zerjal T. 2024. Relationship between feed efficiency and gut microbiota in laying chickens under contrasting feeding conditions. Scientif Rep 

Bessa Ducrot C, Barrio MB, Boissy A, Charrier F, Even S, Mormède P, Petit S, Pinard-van der laan M-H, Schelcher F, Casabianca F, Ducos A, Foucras G, Guatteo R, Peyraud J-L, Vayssier-Taussat M, Veysset P,Friggens NC,Fernandez X. 2024. Animal Board Invited Review: Improving animal health and welfare in the transition of livestock farming systems: towards social acceptability and sustainability. Animal. 

Bessa Ferraira VH, Seressia J, Lansade L, Même N, Bernard J, Pinard-van der Laan M-H, Calenge F, Lecoeur A, Calandreau L, Dutour M. 2024. Discrimination of familiar and unfamiliar human voices is independent of prolonged human-animal interaction in domestic chicks. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 

Bortoluzzi C, Restoux G, Rouger R, Desnoues B, Petitjean F, Bosse M, Tixier-Boichard M. 2024. Trends in genome diversity of small populations under a conservation program: a case study of two French chicken breeds. bioRXiv    

Clota F, Goikoetxea A, Vergnet A, Blanc MO, Lallement S, Ruelle F, Leitwein M, Allal F, Geffroy B, Vandeputte M. 2024. Post-larval exposure to warm temperature enhances female ratio, while starvation and photoperiod do not: The case of European seabass, Dicentrarchus labrax. Aquaculture. GenAqua

Coste V, Sellem E, Marthey S, Hoze C, Bonnet A, Schibler L, Kieffer H, Jaffrezic F. 2024. Multi-omics data integration for the identification of predictive biomarkers for bull fertility. PlosOne. G2B, GiBBS 

Cuyabano BCD, Boichard D, Gondro C.2024. Expected values for the accuracy of predicted breeding values accounting for genetic differences between reference and target populations. Genet Sel Evol.  

Degrelle SA, Liu F, Laloe D, Richard C, Le Bourhis D, Rossignol MN, Hue I. 2024. Understanding bovine embryo elongation: a transcriptomic study of trophoblastic vesicles. Front Physiol  

Dhorne-Pollet S, Barrey E. 2024. Le cheval Curly, un cheval aux poils frisés dit "hypoallergénique". Le Nouveau Praticien Vét équine. BIGE 

Dhorne-Pollet S, Barrey E. 2024. Les gènes de la taille chez les chevaux : application à la production de poneys de sport. Le Nouveau Praticien Vét équine. BIGE

Dufour A, Kurilo C, Stöckl JB, Laloë D, Bailly Y, Manceau P, Martins F, Turhan AG, Ferchaud S, Pain B, Fröhlich T, Foissac S, Artus J,  Acloque H. 2024. Cell specification and functional interactions in the pig blastocyst inferred from single cell transcriptomics and uterine fluids proteomics. Genomics.  

Fouéré C, Sanchez MP, Boussaha M, Fritz S, Vinet A, Kieffer H, Boichard D, Hoze C. 2024. A large population study to assess the magnitude of prenatal programming in dairy cattle. J Dairy Sci. 

Fresco S, Boichard D, Lefebvre R, Barbey S, Gaborit M, Fritz S, Martin P. 2024. Correlation of methane production, intensity, and yield with residual feed intake throughout lactation in Holstein cows. Animal.

Ivanova E, Hue-Beauvais C, Castille J, Laubier J, Le Guillou S, Aujean E, Lecardonnel J, Lebrun L, Jaffrezic F, Rousseau-Ralliard D, Péchoux C, Letheule M, Foucras G, Charlier M, Le Provost F. 2024. Mutation of SOCS2 induces structural and functional changes in mammary development. Development. GaLac, GiBBS, Ptf

Jacques A, Duclos D, Danchin-Burge C, Mercat M-J, Tixier-Boichard M, Restoux G. 2024. Assessing the potential of germplasm collections for the management of genetic diversity: the case of the French National Cryobank. Peer Community Journal. Gibbs

Kistler T, Brascamp EW, Basso B, Bijma P, Phocas F. 2024. Uncertainty in the mating strategy of honeybees causes bias and unreliability in the estimates of genetic parameters. Gen Sel Evol. 

Lefevre F, Bojkovskib D, Bou Dagher Kharrat M, Bozzano M, Charvolin-Lemaire E, Hiemstra SJ, Kraigher H, Laloe D, Restoux G, Sharrock S, Sturaro E, van Hintum T, Westergren M, Maxted N, GenRes Bridge Expert Panel. 2024. European genetic resources conservation in arapidly changing world: three existential challengesfor the crop, forest and animal domains in the 21stcentury. Genetic Resources. 

Péchoux C, Antigny F, Perros F. 2024. A correlated light and electron microscopy approach to study the subcellular localization of phosphorylated vimentin in human lung tissue. Method Cell Biol. 

Pouil S, Slembrouck J, Wilfart A, Caruso D, Arifin OZ, Favalier N, Samsudin R, Kristanto AH, Aubin J. 2024. The potential of floating macrophytes as feed and phytoremediation resources to improve the environmental performance of giant gourami production in Indonesia: A life cycle  assessment.  Aquaculture 

Paul K, Restoux G, Phocas F. 2024. Genome-wide detection of positive and balancing signatures of selection shared by four domesticated rainbow trout populations (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Gen Sel Evol. GenAqua,    

The FarmGTEx PigGTEx Consortium,... Giuffra E... Rocha D, Charles M,... Fang L. 2024.    A compendium of genetic regulatory effects across pig tissues. Nature comm. GeMS, G2B, GiBBS 

Vinet A, Mattalia S, Vallée R, Bertrand C, Barbat A, Promp J, Cuyabano BCD, Boichard D. 2024. Effect of temperature-humidity index on the evolution of trade-offs between fertility and production in dairy cattle. Gen Sel Evol.


Acloque H, Yang J, Theveneau E. 2023. Epithelial-to-mesenchymal plasticity from development to disease: An introduction to the special issue. GENESIS 

Chavinskaia L, Labatut J. 2023. Technologies de l’élevage moderne : l’amélioration génétique des bovins. revue-regards-croises-sur-l-economie.

Coustard Metayer S, Rossignol C, Collin A, Blanc F, Lallier N, Schouler C, Duval Le Bihan E, Travel A, Lalmanach A-C. 2023 Intestinal avian defensin 2 and robustness of chicks. POULTRY SCIENCE 

Coustham V, Andrieux C, Cerutti C, Collin A, David I, Demars J, Devailly G, Morisson M, Houssier M, Lagarrigue S, Métayer-Coustard S, Mignon-Grasteau S, Panserat S, Petit A, Vitorino Carvalhos A, Zerjal T, Pitel F. 2023. Épigénétique, gènes et environnement : quelle importance pour les pratiques d’élevage et les méthodes de sélection des volailles ? INRAE Prod Anim 

El Kamouh M, Brionne A, Sayyari A, Lallais D, Labbé C, Laurent A. 2024. Strengths and limitations of reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS) in the perspective of DNA methylation analysis in fish: a case‑study on rainbow trout spermatozoa. Fish Physiol Biochem.    

Issa M, Michaudel C, Guinot M, Grauso-Culetto M, Guillon B, Lecardonnel J, Jouneau L, Chapuis C, Bernard H, Hazebrouck S, Castelli F, Fenaille F, Gaultier E, Riviere G, Houdeau E, Adel-Patient K. 2023. Long-term exposure from perinatal life to food-grade TiO2 alters intestinal homeostasis and predisposes to food allergy in young mice. Allergy    

Sebastia C, Folch JM, Ballester M, Estelle J, Passols M, Munoz M, Garcia-Casco JM, Fernandez AI, Castello A, Sanchez A, Crespo-Piazuelo D. 2023. Interrelation between gut microbiota, SCFA, and fatty acid composition in pigs. mSystems 

Gautier M, Micol T, Camus L, Moazami-Goudarzi K, Naves M, Guéret E, Engelen S, Colas F, Flori L, Druet T. 2023. Genomic reconstruction of the successful establishment of a feralized bovine population on the subantarctic island of Amsterdam. BioRXIV. 

Guerin H, Courtin P, Guillot A, Pechoux C, Mahony J, van Sinderen D, Kulakauskas S, Cambillau C, Touze T, Chapot-Chartier M-P. 203. Molecular mechanisms underlying the structural diversity of rhamnose-rich cell wall polysaccharides in lactococci. The Journal of biological chemistry    

Labatut J. 2023. Towards a biosocial turn in management and organization research? Proposals for a paradigm shift. Sage Journals 

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